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Experience the most beautiful and authentic Florence, while speaking Italian!

Choose the path you prefer and live an authentic language experience that you will never forget.

I have always believed that emotions and learning go hand in hand.

One of the most effective techniques to enhance your knowledge of the language is to immerse yourself completely in its context.

Florence is the perfect city to experience strong emotions and take part in a cross-section of Italy unique in the world. Its squares, its gardens, and its natural environments enclose centuries of history and beauty within them.

The sounds of the city, the hidden glimpses, and the flavors offered by the streets of the center and the surrounding hills can never be found on textbooks or online courses to learn Italian.

For this reason, I decided to allow you to live this exclusive language experience.

I studied three types of routes that, at your choice, will lead you to discover a genuine and original Italian language, but above all its use in everyday life directly from the streets of Florence.

As you know, I have always lived in this city and, like all Florentine’s Doc, know places, flavors, and experiences reserved only for us locally.

The experiences can be carried out in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Each time slot ranges from 3 to 5 hours, based on the type of experience you choose. They are all “all-inclusive” and without additional costs.

City experience

Strolling along the Arno river and visiting the most characteristic and hidden places of the city

With this type of experience, you have the opportunity to see all the hidden beauty of the city: from historic gardens to places of great historical and cultural interest.

You can visit and experience the beauty of the alleys, try the taste of the typical products of the Florentine shops and speak Italian directly with the local Italians.

All things that you will not find in normal mass tourist tours.

Your Italian will be supervised throughout the course and you will receive later a written report of the language experience.

This experience can be done in the morning or afternoon.

What is planned in the morning?

What is planned in the afternoon?

Do you want a Personalized Experience?

Create your own personalized learning path and visit the places of your dreams

Experience in Nature

Experience the beauty of the Tuscan landscapes

This experience will take you directly to the most beautiful and evocative places in the Florentine countryside.

The photos you’ve always seen only on postcards will be your classroom surrounded by nature.

Your Italian will be supervised throughout the course and you will receive later a written report of the language experience.

This experience takes place in the morning.

What is planned?

What is planned in the morning?

At Night

Going out for an “aperitivo” and going to the cinema and theater like a true Florentine

Living Florence from sunset to dusk is priceless. 

In the evening the city offers unique emotions for its skyline, the Arno is filled with lights that make the view among the most suggestive in the world.

The experience I thought for “La Sera in Florence” is very particular. During the evening the city is not only filled with lights and colors but also with art.

Cinemas and theaters open to offer the best of art and entertainment. I will guide you within an experience full of taste and beauty.

Before the event we will attend, you receive files and links that help you understand and appreciate the event.

The evening experience is mainly divided into two parts:

An essential and intense evening to touch and experience the Italian language in a special way like a true Italian.

Personalized experiences

Do you have a life-long dream or would you like to see something specific?

I am also concerned to grant this wish …

We can in fact organize a personalized experience based on your particular request.

Maybe, do you like the seaside? Sport? Or maybe some typical tasting or would you like to experience some special anniversary while still enhancing your Italian?

Contact me now and we will organize together your personalized experience tailored for you.

However, within the personalized experiences, lessons and the selection of the most authentic destinations are included.

If you want to combine some experiences of the “Italian in Florence” packages, you can contact me and request a special discount.

Find out the packages and choose the one that best suits you

Morning experience

180 For each participant
  •  Final language report
  • Free email support
  • 25% discount on all other products and services

Afternoon experience

160 For each participant
  • Final language report
  • Free email support
  • 25% discount on all other products and services

Evening experience

€200 For each participant
  • Final language report
  • Preparation through material before the event
  • Free email support
  • 2 Extra Skype
    Sessions 30 minutes each
  • 50% discount on all other products and services

I remind you that all experiences have a duration that varies between 3 to 5 hours, depending on the itinerary you have chosen.

All prices include expenses related to breakfast, aperitivi, tastings, tickets and costs related to the experience itself.

Each experience also consists of an hour of preparation and presentation of the itinerary, which will take place virtually before the day booked.

At the end of each experience, a detailed report will be written with all the information, themes and places visited. So you can continue to deepen independently or return to the places with friends and acquaintances.